Friday, November 7, 2008

Woah. Mr. Wheeler, you have changed the world.

New Scientist posted this article on the concept of "flexi-laws" over a year ago, but it's the picture in the article that amazes me:

Don't you get it, sheeple? We have been duped! This experiment has changed something in the past, thereby breaking off a new timeline. We are not the original universe. We have created new timelines.

Matrix moment. There's only one thing that can help: xkcd. (Of course, not the original xkcd.

And now for the biggest shock: there is a very good chance that John Wheeler did the experiment one more time, and split off another timeline. However, in this timeline, he didn't do the experiment. So there is a good chance that there is another, more recent universe than ours.

We're obsolete.

More xkcd:

The last three panels are the really relevant ones.

So, I say to all: we are obsolete. Let's burn the world! (Or at least make me king.)

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