Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank You, Time Warner!

Usually I'm not one to support a company with a stranglehold on its customers, but I just found the most useful thing. Channel 1000 is well-known as the movies-on-demand channel, where Time Warner will stream your movies to your TV, and charge your TV bill for the movie. It's insanely simple.

However, I just found that channel 1008 is FREE movies-on-demand. Sure, there a re far less and more crappy movies, but I just found that TNT was providing "Groundhog Day"! I love that movie! It's wonderful when you watch a movie that you didn't pay a cent for.

The best part: TNT added commercials in the movie, but someone goofed at Time Warner and made it possible to fast forward through the commercials. Woo hoo!

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